AMÉRICO SILVA & FILHOS, S.A. was founded in 1945 by Mr. Américo Silva and today it is a dynamic company offering a top-quality product and effective logistics, combining manual manufacture with state-of-the-art technology to create and design furniture. The Company employees 94 workers and it has premises with an area of around 11,000 m2.

In its products AMÉRICO SILVA & FILHOS, S.A. uses top-quality woods such as American and French cherry wood, oak and others.

AMÉRICO SILVA & FILHOS, S.A. is pioneering in the design and manufacture of all kinds of tables. In addition to this product it also makes desks, furniture, chairs and consoles.

AMÉRICO SILVA & FILHOS, S.A is a company whose business is geared towards foreign markets, namely the French market.

Of the Company's 94 employees, 3 are assigned to production, 49 to finishing and the rest are in the administrative area.


To be a reference on the main world wooden furniture and Contract markets by offering an innovative, quality product endowed with an appealing design to meet the expectations of Customers on said Markets.

Manufacture of wooden furniture in different styles, ensuring an innovative range of quality products endowed with an appealing design and a professional Relationship of Trust on the Markets where the Company operates and the sustained growth of the organisation.